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Are you Sparkling with Joy and Vibrant Health? Are you living your Dream like you could be?

When we are who we really are, living our life with maximum health, joy, vitality and abundance then life flows and we know we are on the right path.

When we are in a state of Dis-ease being it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually we need to simply re-trace our steps and go back to basics in order to discover where we lost our way and put things right so we can heal and get back to full health. Therapies are simply healing tools that when used correctly and appropriately can be helpful along the way both in terms of staying Vibrant and Healthy and indeed Healing when we have lost our way and are ill or unwell. I look upon healing as learning. Although there is no substitute for discovering and learning and indeed making the necessary changes that will place us back on the right path, seeking the help of an experienced healer or therapist who have a ‘tool kit’ with tools and tips to help us on our way can speed up our healing process no end!

When you come for healing with me I will first of all spend some considerable time with you taking a full history in order to get to know you and your energy if you like; how you work as an individual and where you may have gone ‘wrong’ which lead to your current challenges. The aim is to assist you in correcting the imbalance that lead to your current situation or if you are well help you maintain a healthy balance in order to remain well and sparkling so you can get the most out of your life.

iStock12831891TreatmentOnce I can see the deeper aspects of you and your energy I will choose the most effective gentle healing tool and share information with you that will help you from where you are to reach or remain in optimum health and vitality.

The healing tools in my tool kit have been carefully selected over three decades by observing what to me seemed to most effective natural way back to full health. I offer an honest yet gentle, genuine holistic approach and and the therapy tools I use are:

Advanced Healing Techniques, Traditional Five Element Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, Life Coaching, Nutrition and Gourmet Raw Food Coaching, Plant Spirit Medicine, Chi Gong and Tai Chi Classes and Person Centred Art Therapy.

I come with 20 years training behind me as well as 30 years widespread experience both from treating and assisting thousands of people back to health and wellness in my own clinic and also from setting up, transforming and running several leading multi disciplinary Natural Health Centres across the Midlands.

I genuinely love what I do and I have a high success rate simply due to my level of experience.

I warmly welcome you to share your healing journey with me and look forward to working with you.


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KindnessCODE Warrior
I was recommended to Fabienne at a time in my life when I faced a serious health challenge. Her direct approach could be considered 'Marmite' to some (indeed it did temporarily raise my hackles) but nevertheless I trusted my intuition and continued with a course of appointments. I believe her approach, along with a new empowering awareness for my own well being, was the kick start needed for my healing journey.Having recommended Fabienne on many occasions for her 'east meets west' expertise, intuitive mind-body coaching and energy awareness, I know she always displays professionalism and works with complete integrity.