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‘During 30 years as a Professional Speaker,  Success Coach, Healer, Entrepreneur, and a clear channel of the one light, I have had the pleasure of inspiring, guiding and facilitating literally thousands of people directly (and even hundreds of thousands slightly more indirectly) of all ages from all walks of life to find themselves in vibrant health, success and wellness on all levels. Many of my clients have since gone on to leading the field of Health and Self Development in their own right. I have set up, taken on and turned around several of the largest multi-disciplined natural health centres across the Midlands, saved many lives and livelihoods, and educated many on the benefits of natural ways to a free, healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

Teamwork in the office

My experience is as long as it is wide, yet my three greatest areas of passion are:

Being a creative Heart Centred Entrepreneur. Working with business owners and teams within businesses to increase vitality, job satisfaction, effective communication and of course productivity whilst reducing levels of stress, unhappiness and sickness absence through guidance, individual treatments and vital education. My decades as a Business owner, Company Director and ‘Healing Entrepreneur’ and my experience of working with many top business owners and MDs as well as employees and self employed clients, has provided me a great insight into the myriad of issues that commonly arise within the commercial world with individuals as well as within teams, and how these can easily be remedied or even avoided through simple knowledge and communication skillsets.

In more recent times we have seen some great changes resulting from a new found freedom for many. However the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence. Stress and pressures within the commercial world are increasing for the purpose of profit above what is often healthy and sustainable even for employees who are committed to giving their level best. The time is right now to ­look at how we have arrived at this point and how we can best move forward with raised Vibrations, Joy, Success and Satisfaction in a way that works and is sustainable from a practical point of view for the long term success and sustainability of the company and its employees, whilst still offering good profit margins and being in tune with the changing times and our planet’s natural evolution. This will take skill, courage, commitment and honesty with ourselves but the rewards are great for those who choose to travel this journey at this point.

Ginger and Banana I Scream! Sprinkled with Cacao NibsNutrition
Inspiring people of all ages and making a real difference to the lives of many through an experienced approach and seeing the enormous difference it can make when simply incorporating  new cutting edge approaches to Nutrition. Watching faces light up when I show people how to make Nutritious food simply Delicious! As Gourmet or as simple as you like. And indeed watching delicious foods heal even the most serious, debilitating and life threatening of diseases and bring vibrant health back to someone who has been struggling.

I love working with children and young people and help them map out a healthy vibrant viable future.

(I loved being a mum myself, supporting my own son who self-propelled himself through state education to a First in his Masters in Physics at Oxford and now through his PhD at Imperial. He gets to travel the world with sports and lecturing on what he feels most passionate about.’)

My work and perhaps more importantly my own journey to my highest and most vibrant self has required constant fearless courage and trust in the bright light that flows and works through me with the only obstacle being my own stubborn ignorance and that of others. Even as a small child I was aware of being watched over and guided by something far greater than myself.

backgroundMy Journey
My journey has lead me to travel extensively to work with and learn from many of our world’s leading masters, coaches, evolved souls, teachers and trainers at the leading edge of their various fields. It has involved climbing mountains and trees right to the top and at times falling, having to pick myself up and brush off from hard earned lessons and experiences as with any successful true ‘Healing Entrepreneur’ committed to TRUTH.

My Background
I started in the 80’s with an Acupuncture Masters (7 years training-Leamington Spa) I initially practiced from home as my son was a baby at the time and in 1990 I set up the Complementary Medicine Centre in Cheswick Green Solihull which I ran and from where I had a busy practice for 17 years alongside and working closely with a very experienced Osteopath and one of our country’s leading Naturopaths Iridologists Nutritionists and Colonic practitioners and some of our country’s very experienced Homoeopaths. During this time I also took on and expanded the WellBeing Centre in Nuneaton and I worked alongside the Medical Doctors in the Henley in Arden Medical Centre.

Over the years I added various other tools to my practice tool kit based on what I could see worked in practice working alongside many other therapists and medical practitioners. So I trained in (and not in this order):
Bowen (twice to get it into my blood as it were and fully understand it).
Advanced Healing Skills (2 years with Mike Robinson – SOL Promotions which included Inner work Inner organ cleansing, juice fasting, Emotional Release work and generally expanding my deeper inner knowledge and diagnostic skills/vision/psychic abilities as a person and as a practitioner) I continued to work with Mike from 1999 for 20 odd years on and off to further expand. His work is unlike any other!

Prior to this I had travelled and learned from a Huichol Indian Shaman in Mexico for a number of years and also trained in more modern Shamanic healing techniques (Michael Harner style) alongside ‘Plant Spirit Medicine’ With Acupuncture Master and PSM Founder Eliot Cowan (so deep herbal knowledge using the Five Element Acupuncture Diagnosis and potentisation of the herbs in order to reach differing levels of bodymindsoul from the Homoeopathic tradition).

During the 1990s I did a year’s training in Person Centred Art Therapy with The Person Centred Art Therapy Association in London and I did the School of Channelling course in Malvern and the FHSA Healing course training. As well as various Indian Head Massage and other shorter massage and Reflexology trainings and indeed Biocare product trainings.

So in 2006 I was asked to take on the Directorship and turn around of The Well Natural Health Centre in Kings Heath, Birmingham and I spent a number of years running The Well and re-structuring their business including totally re-vamping their premises to bring them up to the modern standards for a leading Natural Health Centre with 30 of our region’s most experienced practitioners, and making them viable for the future by creating 3 lovely residential apartments up above which could then be rented out for income for the centre. The Well was and had always been responsible for educating allopathic nurses doctors and specialists as well as the local community in the benefits of Natural Health and how it could be integrated into Modern Western Medicine.

After completing The Well and passing it into new hands I then finally fulfilled another long dream to train as a Gourmet RAW Food Chef and Coach with Living Light as I had for many years seen a need to not only educate people on Healthy Eating but they also needed inspiring in How to make the Nutritious Simply Delicious!

In my own life I always lived my talk every day and in every way and regularly used myself as a ‘guinea pig’ if you like to research and really intrinsically understand the workings of what I was teaching or suggesting to my clients and colleagues to try. I fought hard to pave the way for waterbirths in UK Hospitals and have many an ‘acubaby’ on my books both in terms of helping couples conceive naturally where they were struggling removing the need for IVF etc, but also in treating couples through pregnancy and helping them ease the Natural Birth process. and for a while I also ran a practice at MUMS (Midland Ultrasound and Medical Services – The specialist scanning centre for pregnant women in Solihull run by Consultant Obstetrician Chris Griffin)

I feel hugely blessed and look forward to working with you!

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KindnessCODE Warrior
I was recommended to Fabienne at a time in my life when I faced a serious health challenge. Her direct approach could be considered 'Marmite' to some (indeed it did temporarily raise my hackles) but nevertheless I trusted my intuition and continued with a course of appointments. I believe her approach, along with a new empowering awareness for my own well being, was the kick start needed for my healing journey.Having recommended Fabienne on many occasions for her 'east meets west' expertise, intuitive mind-body coaching and energy awareness, I know she always displays professionalism and works with complete integrity.