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school3Making the Nutritious Simply Delicious!
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could teach our children how to create Delicious and Super Healthy Juice, Ice Cream, Sweets, Crisps, Snacks, Fast Food, as well as normal everyday meals?
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Food for Stars!
Cutting Edge in Healthy Eating

Fabienne Alsing from Vibrant Naturally really takes Healthy Eating in Schools onto a Superior level and we use Real Healthy Organic Superfood Ingredients too! (Supplements are not a substitute for real food!)

Noschools4 sugar, No Dairy, No wheat, No eggs, No cooking and No unhealthy processing or additives. Only Superfoods and fresh natural health giving ingredients are used. The more you eat – the better you feel!

Whole School or Group Demonstrations
After School Club, PTA Talk and Demonstration, Looking at some of the truths behind what we eat regularly and consider Healthy and suggesting Delicious Whole Superfood alternatives. Tips for Growing our own and Juicing. Taking Healthy Eating To New Heights! I also work with a fantastic Photographer. Together we create Action filled Super fun Photos for Children and School Bill boards.


Totally Crackers Pizza 5smHi, my name is Fabienne Alsing. After 30 years as a busy Natural Health Consultant,  a Gourmet Raw Food Chef and Coach and a Public Speaker on Healthy Living and Raw Food Nutrition, assisting literally thousands of people back to health, I recognised that it isn’t enough to teach people about healthy nutrition; they also need inspiration to make it delicious, practical, affordable and easy and fun to make. I look forward to exploring with you how we can help your school reach New Heights

🙂 Fabienne Alsing  Vibrant Naturally  Making the Nutritious Simply Delicious! 🙂

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KindnessCODE Warrior
I was recommended to Fabienne at a time in my life when I faced a serious health challenge. Her direct approach could be considered 'Marmite' to some (indeed it did temporarily raise my hackles) but nevertheless I trusted my intuition and continued with a course of appointments. I believe her approach, along with a new empowering awareness for my own well being, was the kick start needed for my healing journey.Having recommended Fabienne on many occasions for her 'east meets west' expertise, intuitive mind-body coaching and energy awareness, I know she always displays professionalism and works with complete integrity.