Chi Gong & Tai Chi

Chi Gong (sometimes referred to as Qigong) and Tai Chi

Chi Gong or ‘The Way of Energy’ and Tai Chi – ‘The Supreme, The Ultimate Energy’ practiced in this way work very well together in order to clear and increase your energy and expand your awareness on all levels; Physical, Mental, Spirit and Soul. This routine of simple yet profound exercises can easily be incorporated into a busy lifestyle and are suitable for all. No previous experience required.

You are all welcome!

Classes in your area

Move your Health and your Vibrations onto the next level through gentle profound exercises.
Benefits experienced by previous participants:iStock_000017111170Large

  • Increased Energy and Vitality
  • Clearing of Your Meridians – a little like giving yourself a regular Treatment or Energy Boost!
  • Core Muscle Stability and Strength
  • Release of Stress in Body and Mind
  • Hightened Awareness
  • Inner Peace





Cost: £10 per session or £50 for a course of 6 sessions.

I look forward to working with you.


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KindnessCODE Warrior
I was recommended to Fabienne at a time in my life when I faced a serious health challenge. Her direct approach could be considered 'Marmite' to some (indeed it did temporarily raise my hackles) but nevertheless I trusted my intuition and continued with a course of appointments. I believe her approach, along with a new empowering awareness for my own well being, was the kick start needed for my healing journey.Having recommended Fabienne on many occasions for her 'east meets west' expertise, intuitive mind-body coaching and energy awareness, I know she always displays professionalism and works with complete integrity.