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Did you know that symptoms such as Migraine, Fatigue, Depression, Colic and excessive vomiting in infants and children, “Wind and Flatulence, Cramps and Abdominal Pain”, Nausea, Diarrhoea or Constipation, Weight Problems, Excessive Sweating,  Hormone imbalances such as Menstrual problems in

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Hi there and a Warm Welcome to my Vibrant Naturally Blog where I will be sharing simple yet profound, solid and tested healthy inspiration, ideas and information for you to try and if you wish incorporate on your path to

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I was recommended to Fabienne at a time in my life when I faced a serious health challenge. Her direct approach could be considered 'Marmite' to some (indeed it did temporarily raise my hackles) but nevertheless I trusted my intuition and continued with a course of appointments. I believe her approach, along with a new empowering awareness for my own well being, was the kick start needed for my healing journey.Having recommended Fabienne on many occasions for her 'east meets west' expertise, intuitive mind-body coaching and energy awareness, I know she always displays professionalism and works with complete integrity.